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Hi guys, I've recently been involved with Xeni Games, an independent company that focuses on creating imaginative and thought provoking products.

The guys at Xeni just launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund their RPG framework and universe :

Here is some work from me for this awesome project :

 Here are a few words from the creator :

Hello, my name is Christopher Valore I am the Lead Creative Director at Xeni Games.

We've just recently launched our debut products on IndieGoGo at:

Xeni Games is an independent company that focuses on developing intriguing and thought provoking games. 

Our debut products are The Iternus System and Aetherium. 

The Iternus System is a brand new role-playing framework built to encourage the use of imagination, and help unlock the innate creativity within us all. One of the main goals of The Iternus System is to open up tabletop gaming to players of all experience levels while still providing an intriguing and engaging experience for veteran players.  

We've constructed our framework in such a fashion that even those who are completely new to tabletop gaming will be able to ease into the ebb and flow of a campaign without having to be needlessly overwhelmed with too many unfamiliar mechanics. For more details please visit our IndieGoGo Campaign. 

Aetherium is a Space Opera themed gaming universe that showcases the wide range of possibilities that The Iternus System provides for an entertaining gaming session.

The initial content released with Aetherium will cover the basic details of the universe, such as the galaxies, detailed data on the over fifteen species that live within those galaxies, and will include several scenarios to start your own campaigns with.

Our dream is to continue releasing unique content for the Aetherium universe after we have this first edition produced and released to the public. You can expect to see campaigns focused around specific species in Aetherium, specific planets or cities within Aetherium, and much more.

We will be shipping out our perks internationally, so don't hesitate to claim a perk even if you don't live in North America. We are also very willing to take suggestions if none of the perks available catch your interest.

Aetherium will feature art by the amazing artist

For more information stop by our Indiegogo Campaign and have a look at what we have to offer. Be sure to check out the excerpts from Aetherium as well as our gallery to see videos we've produced and previews of upcoming content. 

Thanks in advance.

Chris V.

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