Spaceship - 3D-Coat Kitbash

Quick design made in 3D-Coat with my kitbash parts

You can check a demo there :

I sell a kitbash set for 3D-Coat there :

3LC-PRIAP Space Carrier

Modeled in 3D-Coat
Rendered in Keyshot+Photoshop
I recorded most of the process and will eventually post a gumroad for those interested.


 Concept sketch and linework

Custom Shapes silhouettes

 Rotating turret callout 

Engine support structure callout

Keyframes - Anima - Opening scene

Keyframes - Anima - Opening scene

Keyframes for a simple story
We've been working on these pieces with my bro Alejandro Mirabal 
We used this as a great learning exercise in order to refine some of our production pipeline.
In the end it really helped us figure out how to use 3D tools better in our workflow .
We did most of the prep work in 3D which took a long time to set up but paid off in the end with the ability to make multiple renders quickly.

Monster and characters modeled and posed in Zbrush
Environment and vehicles made in 3D-Coat