Scifi Racing Artbook



It is our own vision of a futuristic racing championship, very inspired by the classic games from the 90s.
The project is based on my illustrations augmented with Florian's Graphics Skills, with a few other participating artists : Lawrence van der Merwe and Leon Tukker who offered illustration work, and Akio who created exclusive music tracks to go along the visuals.
We put our skills together and set out to make a booklet that we called "Investor's guide" for the racing event that takes place every decade, featuring the best pilots and engines of the galaxy.
It is filled with adverts from famous sponsors, the big corporations that rule in this futuristic society and often present their own team to the race.
From the martian chicken industry leader Red Rooster to Mechanical engineering giant Taurus, they all want their piece of the pie.

The final product can be viewed at

A higher res version in the form of a PDF file is available, you can download it here :

On top of the visuals please check out the project's soundtrack from Will "AKIO" Foley:

You, Will "AKIO" Foley, Lawrence Vdm, Andrew Zhou, Rian Trost, Leon Tukker, Mathias Joergensen, Kilian Gonzalez Gomez

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